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Fueling a future of possibilities

Viasat powers the Oil & Gas industry delivering reliable connectivity, robust security, and advanced operational efficiencies to the most remote locations.
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Your strategic partner for digital transformation

Viasat Energy Services (formerly RigNet) offers a global managed services network infrastructure with the ability to deliver more coverage, capacity, and connectivity to our customers – accelerating digital transformation through new technologies, solutions, and enhanced ability to scale to the most challenging of places around the world.

Solutions Energy Services provides

Satellite above planet earth
Satellite above planet earth

Managed communication services

Viasat’s managed communication services enable your organization to benefit fully from the fast, secure sharing of critical real-time data, voice, and video to remote sites. 


Systems integration and automation

Viasat provides customized systems integrations services for the deployment of communications systems for global connectivity.



Viasat’s cybersecurity solutions provide end-to-end encryption and cyber-attack detection & prevention to safeguard business-critical operations.



Powered by Viasat, INTELIE helps manage and mitigate operational risks by delivering AI-powered insights and real-time analytics.


Apps and IoT for Energy

Monitor and manage your remote assets and network terminals seamlessly
with integrated Viasat IIoT network management applications.

Delivering secure network communications

Viasat Energy Services delivers advanced technology, services, and expertise to help you adapt to changing demands, while safeguarding your mission-critical network operations in the most remote locations around the world.
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Row of winturbines in the sea shot in the sunset
Row of winturbines in the sea shot in the sunset