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SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S)

A genuine game-changer in flight deck connectivity, enabling everything from improved fuel efficiency and increased capacity to better asset utilization and enhanced safety.

Built to deliver operational advantage, today

SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) is a genuine game-changer in flight deck solutions, enabling everything from improved fuel efficiency and increased capacity to better asset utilization and enhanced safety. 

A new industry gold standard


SB-S is a global, secure, broadband IP connection for both operations and safety communications in the flight deck. It delivers the same safety services as Classic Aero (CPDLC and ADS-C) but via an IP connection, helping airlines to be ready for future air traffic management evolutions including ATN/OSI and ATN/IPS.

In addition, it provides IP connectivity for operational efficiencies such as engine monitoring, real-time weather, telemedicine, and preventive maintenance.

Hand in a cockpit in a commercial airplane
Hand in a cockpit in a commercial airplane

Immediate operational efficiencies

SB-S has been flying, retrofit, with select airlines for several years and now offers linefit positions on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft with lightweight terminals, small antenna and pioneering data packages. Providing safety-certified IP-connectivity, SB-S can help airlines realize operational efficiencies and cost savings today. 


Taking airlines beyond traditional safety satcom, SB-S unlocks new cost efficiencies with real-time, data-rich applications for enhanced aircraft operations. The SB-S platform allows airlines to access a constantly evolving array of connected applications through our Certified Application Provider (CAP) program.

End-to-end encrypted

Fully encrypted, end-to-end IPsec VPN protects both the air-to-ground and ground-to-ground segments, using certificates for mutual authentication thereby providing.

All in one service

All datalink and voice services in one terminal and service. FANS, ATN, AOC and IP.

Connected EFB

Secure, dedicated connectivity to your Electronic Flight Bag, providing real time AOC, flight optimization, and graphical weather.

SB-S has global coverage, abundant capacity, end-to-end encrypted cybersecurity, and availability worldwide, meeting International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) GOLD communications and surveillance performance requirements. 

Airplane above farm
Airplane above farm
Airplane above farm

ATM modernization and reduced CO₂


SB-S is also the backbone of the ground-breaking Iris program, a satellite-based communication system developed by Viasat in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). Iris brings secure, high bandwidth data link communications over Europe to modernize air traffic management.

Iris paves the way for multilink data link communications – a cornerstone to implementing new ATM functionalities. Offered as a fully developed and certified capability by Airbus on the A320 and A330 series aircraft, Iris shares trajectory and intent-based operational information, allowing airlines to avoid holding patterns, calculate the shortest available routes and optimum altitudes, and benefit from continuous climb and descent pathways.


Airspace modernization and subsequent gains in efficiencies is one crucial element in the airline industry’s path to net zero.  More direct flight paths lead to shorter flying times, and thus use less fuel burn and generate fewer emissions.  Achieving this will be critical to reaching the Single European Sky’s ATM Research (SESAR) ambition to deliver 10% carbon emissions savings from European aviation. 




EASA Certified

The Iris service provider ESSP is EASA-certified and has 19 leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) supporting the service in Europe.


Live and flying

easyJet is operating commercial flights using 11 Airbus A320neo equipped with Iris. ITA Airways is about to begin flights, and more airlines are set to join in 2024. 


Linefit availability

Offered as a fully developed and certified capability by Airbus on the A320 and A330 series aircraft, with more retrofit and linefit platforms being added all the time.


Globally available

Iris global, which was launched in 2022, aims to extend the benefit of Iris beyond Europe. This will be achieved through geographical expansion, including Asia, the USA, the Middle East and Australia. 

Upgrade your flight deck experience

SB-S is distributed by our partners SITA, Collins Aerospace (ARINC), and CTTIC. For support and billing enquiries please contact your data link provider. For general questions about the service you can use the contact form provided.
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